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Our Done-For-You Sales Process Includes:

Easy to follow, step-by-step video modules, outlining the sales process that has helped hundreds of franchises and small businesses thrive!

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36 Module Sales Optimization Course

Our signature 12 core sales process modules + 24 additional training modules covering everything from our optimized front-end sales processes, to our unmatched proposal process.

Information-Packed Training Portal

Get easy 24/7 access for you and your team, to every training module and resource, in one central website, designed to work on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

Searchable 275 Q&A
Calls Archive

This searchable index of our Q&A coaching calls contains hundreds of recordings covering topics from Facebook Ads and marketing strategies, to leadership and personal growth.

Maximize Your Close Rate and Lifetime Customer Value with Coaching Designed for Your Business

By working closely with other franchise and small business owners, we've developed a series of easy-to-follow, proven sales processes and tools, that anyone can integrate into their sales routine.

These processes are tailored to the way your business works, and have led to 300%+ increases in lifetime customer value, and 100% increase in close rates...

  • Module 1: The Front-End Sales Processes You're going to be learning about getting more traffic through the doors, and the step-by-step Processes on how to take that traffic through the education process perfectly, allowing you to build the trust and rapport needed to close the sale. This is the cornerstone of all training to come.
  • Module 2: The Perfect Sales Conversation Learning the art of controlling the path of a conversation and understanding exactly what needs said to close the sale now and keep the customer for life. They will receive ACTUALLY quotes from me to us in the sale and understand The WHY in the process.
  • Module 3: The Follow-Up Sales Processes The single most important part of a deal AND STILL the biggest failure I see in sales: Follow-Up. How do you continue building rapport and trust after the first conversation? This will hold literal step by step Processes to utilize for that.
  • Module 4: The Power of Video My secret sauce, and the single most valuable process I teach AND USE in my own business. I’ll show you WHY it works, how to use the technology and strategies, what to say and do, AND how to send it to the customer or prospect.
  • Module 5: The Proposal Delivery Processes After building trust and rapport, why stop building that relationship at the most crucial point? I’ll train step by step on how to properly create and send a Proposal/quote that gets signed and paid FAST.
  • Module 6: The Video Proposal I’ll teach here on how to continue the use of video to close more deals when sending proposals and quotes. I’ll educate on WHY it works, how to use technology to use the process, what to say and do, AND how to send it to the customer/prospect.
  • Module 7: Tracking Customer Movements Eliminate the unknown! Did the prospect like your quote? Were they upset with it? Did they even OPEN IT!? I’ll teach you how to implement tracking technology that allows you to know where your emails, texts, quotes, and more are, with respect to the prospect. Plus, how to use that info to close more sales!
  • Module 8: Product/Service Delivery Processes Handing over the final product in a way that furthers your relationship with the customer. The goal with this plan is simple: deliver a great product and experience, gain a return customer, and turn the interaction into one that results in more leads.
  • Module 9: Free Marketing Processes Learn how to use the great experiences you’re giving current customers to create NEW leads and close NEW customers. This module will provide multiple step-by-step processes that allow you to easily capture and close new customers without ANY ad spend!
  • Module 10: The "Missing In Action" Processes Learn how to revive dead leads or those prospects that have simply vanished! You’ll learn how to qualify leads QUICKLY and bring them back from the of the non-communicating. This module will make you more efficient in outreach and raise your close rates.
  • Module 11: The Perfect Voicemail How do you leave a voicemail that actually receives a call back? This step by step system will guide you through the timeline, process, and actual language needed to make it happen.
  • Module 12: Monthly & Quarterly Check-In Call Processes Learn how to continue building relationships with active customers in a way that results in more business, larger orders, and a TON of NEW customers! You’ll learn how honesty, clarity, transparency, and accountability are the TOP skills that result in customers for life.

PLUS: 24 Additional Video Trainings covering everything from Facebook marketing, to leadership training.

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"These new sales process have led to a 100% increase in close rates and a 50% increase in year over year revenue."
— Michael Hamsher, Fully Promoted

14-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

If you find that the course just isn't working for your business, simply request a refund to us within 14 days of purchase, and we'll refund your money 100%! No hard feelings!

Success Stories from Our Members

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"We actually had our best month ever this last month! That was awesome! And we're really seeing things pumping up. We're getting better. I think all the little things we're using, that you guys have taught us, has been great."
— Kim Goodwin, Peoria, Illinois

"We had someone call in and they just wanted a couple badges done for their work, so a lot of places they'd phones said they wouldn't do it. So we said, yeah we'd do them, and they turned out great... Anyhow, she called in a couple days later, and it turns out they're a huge company, and she came in yesterday and did a $5,000 order. And I'm just starting, so for me, that was great! That was probably my biggest order yet. It shows you that sometimes those little things can turn into big things!"
— Marleen Martin, Beaumont, Alberta

"We had a client that we had done bags for last year. A big order, $8 or $10,000. I lost my sales person, and then the contact that we had, I followed up with her, and her last day was June 1st. I was devastated. So, I made several attempts to meet the person above her, and was denied. First time I went, he didn't come down and meet. Second time, no... So I send him the video for the bags, and he bought them. First video! $6,500!"
— Janet Domec, Cypress, Texas

"This is my first journal. This is what I wrote in it: 'Grateful. I have earned this journal. I appreciate this recognition. Thank you Ryan and Christa, for acknowledging that I deserve this reward, because I am worthy of it.' Thank YOU GUYS! It's been such a great experience so far, and I'm enjoying this ride!"
— Rosylyn Schultheiss, Sherwood Park, Alberta

"My sales person told me he was pretty excited. He said, 'I used one technique I learned,' and he was able to generate some sales from that. So he was very excited. It may be a small thing, but for our people to apply a technique and see the result, that was very encouraging."
— Monica Au, Fresno, California

"I had a solid month. A real solid month actually. I had a $3,000 morning, so there's that! Sort of have to go do whatever it is we do, to install three thousand dollars worth of whatever we sold today, so... ya know! :)"
— Bill Wheatley, Cedar Hill, Texas

"3,000 shirts, direct to garment. We did them in house. It was a $30,000 order, and net profit was 20 grand! Had I not followed up with him... you can't email him, he won't respond to you; you can send him a video email; you have to text him; you can't call him, he won't return your voicemail. So I kept sending him video after video. He came in and dropped off a check, and everything is dandy! Best month ever! We had a great month."
— Michael Hamsher, Canton, Ohio

"One of the biggest things for me and us here, is having our sales team, watching the videos, the modules, together... Having those bigger discussions about, okay, how do we fit this into our program. And you know, we may veer off into different areas, but it's always great discussions about how we're running this, and how we're connecting with our customers, and reinforcing what we're doing right, and tweaking up what we can do better. So for me, that was huge!"
— Kim Peters, Lethbridge, Alberta

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14-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

If you find that the course just isn't working for your business, simply request a refund to us within 14 days of purchase, and we'll refund your money 100%! No hard feelings!